HD Kovo – prodejce náhradních dílů

HD kovo - spare parts

Are you owner or operator of vehicle? Are you searching for spare parts or accessories for these vehicles? Then welcome to the company’s HD kovo – manufacturers of spare part for cars. Company HD kovo is highly qualified private firm with a long history in the production and sale of spare parts for vehicles. Figures on the Czech market since 1992.

Credo o f speed, reliability and quality. Spare parts manufactured by HD kovo meet the highest technical parameters are excellent quality and have long life and whether we are talking about transmissions gear-box, axles and other components. Company HD kovo saves you time – no commute due to frequent repairs and exchanges, and money – you pay only once and that a spare part that will last.

Spare parts

We are certified specialist in the manufacture and sale of spare parts range brands. We have wide experience in the field Karosa axles for cars and more. In recent years we have extended the range of spare parts for Iveco. Another equally important area of our production is fitting and accessories for tarpaulins and more.


We offer a wide range of spare parts axle Iveco, Rába, Rockwell for vehicles and Liaz, Karosa, Mercedes, Scania, Fuller, Eaton.

Gear-boxes and final drives

In this field we can offer spare parts ZF, Scania, Daf.MB, MAN, Volvo.

This and many other company can provide HD kovo, all with excellent service. Our technicians will be happy to give you a qualified advice in the selection of appropriate spare parts ideal for your car.